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Service Options

performance ecu remapping sussex


Performance ECU Remapping & Calibration Delivers Power Gains of Up To 45% For a More Responsive Drive & Improved Power Delivery

car tuning and ecu remapping in Sussex


Economy Remapping Increases Power By Up To 30%, Improve Driveability & Improve MPG By Up To 15%. Diesel Vehicles Only.

combination ecu remapping in sussex


Combination Remapping Increases BHP, Torque & Improves Fuel Efficiency by up to 12%. Diesel Vehicles Only.

egr and dpf ecu remapping sussex solutions


We come to you for ultimate convenience to carry out your ECU Remapping

van ecu remapping sussex


Increase Power By Up to 50%. Improve Drivability, Increase MPG, Improve Towing Ability & Enjoy Safer Overtaking.

online ecu remapping additional services


Ask about our important additional sevices to compliment your power or economy vehicle ECU Remapping.

Recent Remaps

ecu remapping and engine tuning Ford Focus ST in Sussex

'17 Ford Focus

185 BHP-215 BHP
Torque 400-500

ecu remapping and car tuning sussex Audi A4 2.0 TDI

'15 Audi A4
2.0 TDI

170 BHP-205 BHP
Torque 380nm-460nm

car tuning and ecu remapping sussex Ford Ranger

'16 Ford Ranger

160 BHP-195 BHP
Torque 375nm-460nm

Mini Cooper S ecu mobile remapping sussex

'16 Mini Cooper
S 2.0T

192 BHP-240 BHP
Torque 280nm-360nm

sussex car tuning vw transporter T5

'13 VW Transporter
T5 Van

101 BHP-175 BHP
Torque 250nm-350nm

ecu mobile van remapping Renault Trafic in sussex

'15 Renault Trafic
1.6 DCi

115 BHP-140 BHP
Torque 300nm-380nm

ecu remapping and car tuning sussex Ford Focus ST

'06 Ford Focus

221 BHP-280 BHP
Torque 320nm-400nm

Sussex ecu remapping Jaguar XFS 3.0D

'18 Jaguar 3.0D XFS

296 BHP-330 BHP
Torque 700nm-745nm

ecu mobile remapping and car tuning Mercedes AMG CLK 6.3

Mercedes Benz CLK
AMG 6.3

481 BHP-525 BHP
Torque 630nm-660nm

Do you feel that the performance
of your Vehicle is not as
refined as it should be?

This is all too common, as when new, your Vehicle leaves the Manufacturer with their default settings (Maps) built into the ECU (Engine Control Unit). These default map settings are rarely as effective or refined as they could be, which restricts engine performance.

The main reason for this is that Vehicle Manufacturers will never fully optimise the performance of their Vehicles through the ECU, as they need to release faster models in the future. It is very common that many versions of the same Car 'Model' will be released, all with identical engines but with the only difference being the 'Map' being built into the ECU.

What this means is that there is the opportunity to adjust the 'Map' settings within the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of almost every Vehicle on the road today. This is where GTP Remapping come in...

We carefully adjust the 'Map' and the settings built into the ECU, to unlock the extra performance that has been held back by the manufacturer. GTP Remapping are here to help you get more BHP, Torque & Fuel Economy safely from your Vehicle and unlock it's true potential.

In most cases, within one hour we can complete the ECU Remapping on your vehicle at your home or workplace. Once we have completed the ECU Remapping, you will notice immediate improvements in the Performance of your Vehicle.

ECU Remapping Explained

A vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is the internal computer that controls how the engine operates and is constantly calibrating the engine’s Power, Ignition Timing, Fueling and Torque Output. The ECU maintains the balance between Performance, Emissions and Economy, whilst delivering engine power and torque accordingly.

When carrying out ECU Remapping, the default software is overwritten and replaced with new software that improves and optimises the vehicle’s performance. The new software increases the Vehicles Power (BHP), Torque output and MPG, giving your Vehicle a new lease of life!

We use the latest approved technology, ECU Remapping software and specialist tools to change the vehicles ‘Map’ - which is where the word ‘Remapping’ comes from. Once the Remap has been completed, the engine is tuned to be more efficient, resulting in a power (BHP) and Torque increase of up to 40% in addition to improved throttle response and fuel economy.

Here at GTP Remapping, we offer a Bespoke ECU Remapping Service using the latest Engine Tuning Software and Remapping Tools.

Every Map we develop is custom made for the vehicle in question. This means we can maximise Power Gains, whilst staying within the safe tolerances for the Engine, Turbo & all other components.

Our Custom Maps have been proven to optimise Performance, without compromising reliability and safety. We work closely with our Tuning Team to develop Custom Calibrations that will Significantly Improve Power Delivery and deliver Smooth and Linear Performance through every gear.

GTP Remapping Provide a Mobile Service... We will come to you for the ultimate convenience.
We Cover Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire & More.

Our Remaps will provide benefits such as:

  • Increased bhp/Torque by up to 45%
  • Improve Fuel Economy by up to 15%
  • Sharper Throttle Response
  • Removal of Flat Spots
  • Quicker Acceleration
  • Reduced Turbo Lag
  • Increased Towing Capacity
  • Safer Overtaking
  • Improved Driveability

Speak to the Team about your Car or Van today by calling us on 07535 520555, sending us a message via WhatsApp or by submitting a Remapping Quote Form.


For vehicle ECU Remapping in Sussex contact us here at Goldtech Performance. We're here to help.

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